Opera in a Ballpark? What a great idea!

Opera in a Ballpark?

I hadn’t heard about this, but I dig it hard-core.  Why is it only SF Opera that gets to do cool stuff? Why not someplace with a Baseball history and a music history, like Chicago or St. Louis?  If the Cardinals so much as cross the street half the city will know about it…

What about all those new great minor league parks, like the Frontier League; they could surely partner with avant-operas in other places.

Americans don’t care about arts because they are under the impression that they aren’t invited.  They know where the ball park is, and they know how to dress, act, etc.. at a baseball game.  The SF Opera gig works the same way, just that they watch a screen (like most sporting events anyway).  Cold beer, hotdog, Opera.. I’m diggin’ it already.   Most importantly, 27,000 people just experienced what you do every night.  Joints like the smallish budget opera companies here in the mid-south and midwest don’t do full seasons. 27,000 has got to be close to the total number of tickets they sell in a season… what great exposure!

I could take my non-music geek friends!

Dear Rest of the country, please emulate SF Opera.  Thanks.