The plot thickens

by kjbake01

So, some great news! has one-upped themselves, and are now committing to 8 shows (up from the original 5) and will be paying some generous advances!  I may well be on my way to becoming a composer.  (If one considers professional marching band writers composers)  Hindemith would be proud.  I’m not sure if Copland or Adams would be.

This plus a recently cemented part-time creative arts gig at a church here in town means I may be able to leave my other unmentioned non-music gig more or less immediately.  I really need to crank out awesome shows, and that’s going to require some time & effort.

On the Theology & Arts front, I just finished John Stackhouse’s “Making the Best of It: Following Christ in the Real World”  Man I love well thought-out theology.  It’s nuanced, flexible, intelligent, and challenging.  Yay scholarship.

Theology and Arts 2:  Begbie finally has a program at Duke:  a Th.D in Theology & the Arts.

I met composer Michael Daughetry at a NSO event a few weeks ago.  I asked him questions about my music, and he offered to let me send him some.  I sent it. He said he “loved it” but I can’t decide if that’s just what he says to encourage folks, or if he actually means it.  The email literally said “I love it. Keep writing.”  Thanks Dr. Daugherty, I will.