Church as lifestyle brand?

Almost anything is now a lifestyle brand: coffee, sodas, liquors, discount big-box stores; clothing , bands etc.

Has anyone explored the idea of church as a lifestyle brand?

I mean I choose my favorite coffee shop this way, i think we’re kidding ourselves if we think that church shoppers don’t.

My favorite Nashville shop is in an area with several coffee spots. In fact I drive by two others on my way. The coffee at these three is roughly equivalent, though of course I prefer my spots over the other two. But I like my spot because of the vibe. It’s a space I can think in. It’s got 12 outlets, good pastries, and fascinating people. The other two have famous people and power-brokers meetings, but they are set up to feel crowded and I can’t think, find a plug or feel ar peace there.

Interestingly, my spot I Louisville and my spot in Nashville both roast their own coffee on site. So the place smells wonderful, and the floors are concrete… The furniture is useful, not trendy.

So I’m a ‘my spot’ person , because I value the things my spot seems to value, and I’d like to become the kinds of people that go there- professional bloggers & record engineers.

What does the experience your church provides communicate about it’s values?