by kjbake01

I’m sitting here dreaming up an introduction to my friends ‘street opera’ and it strikes me that the performing arts, the professional perfoming arts rely on a sense of anonymity between the audienence and performer.

Then I turned my mind to the world of church experiences. There is a tectonic shift taking place I beleve. Some people desire a sense of ‘professional anonymity’ with those presiding over their religious ritual.”, and more than a few churches have reached many many people by professionalizing their experiences… Meanwhile, a whole seperate group are repelled by the professional anonymity. They WANT to be relationally connected to the folks who lead them, but not necessarily to those NEXT to them. Or do I was pondering this afternoon. Do you want to Know the people who lead you from the front of the room? Do you want to Know those down the row from you? One, the other, or Both?