Entrepreneurial Ravings

by kjbake01

So, like many of you, I find entrepreneurs annoying.   Me-centric, grandiose, and often-times too self-congratulatory about their departure from the Grid,  I run into these “oh, and I do consulting on the side” folks far too often.

But after another round of “oh, and in my upcoming book,”  “not to toot my own horn,”  “when I was consulting Mr. Gates..” and a robust conversation with another “side-liner” I realized something significant.  (thanks Seth Godin).

There really is a balance of power shifting between the Employer and the Employee, and the lunatic fringe is leaving the Grid as a result. Seth keeps talking about it, but I hadn’t really put it all together until my lunch on wednesday (thanks @seejenwrite ).    If you haven’t heard these discussions before, here’s the two-sentence recap:  The old Way (commit your loyalty and hard work to an Employer and they will take care of you) has been replaced by the new Way (we’ll use you until we need to replace you), and as a result, all kinds of new possibilities emerge.

Maybe we really can all be consultants.