Challenge for creative churches

by kjbake01

I’d like to invite you to join my newest project: a call to art

The goal is to inspire churches to stretch their creativity and try to use broader references when they create stuff. Without meaning to, most of the country goes to only a few sources: tv shows and hit movies.

By joining the project you are commiting to pitch an idea to your team or pastor that doesn’t come from tv or the movies sometime in the next 12 months, and telling us how it went.

The world is changing, and our original reasons for tying to pop culture are fading: with the media world fracturing into thousands of channels, it is no longer possible to pull from the “it” show that everyone is watching or talking about, in a few more years, futurists predict there will be no “it” media properties.

Culture is shifting, and placing authentic experience above “coolness”- it will matter more that the theming fits the story/ vice versa than if the theming is edgy or hip.

So, do you think your team is up for theming off a book, play, short story, or Internet property? I think you’ll surprise yourself.