Missional attraction:

by kjbake01

I work at a church developing a missional model. Missional, for those of you unfamiliar with the term, essentially took the place of
“emerging” after we learned about it’s Calvinist core, “emerging” took the place of “emergent” after Brian McClaren and Rob Bell espoused some radical theologies about Christ’s divinity and and the nature of salvation.

Missional churches then, are essentially socially-minded Armenian churches with fair-trade coffee and all natural clothes, who get their groceries from local co-ops.

If contemporary evangelicalism can be represented by Nike, then missional churches can be represented by Toms shoes.

My supposition is that missional churches still grow like any organization: by attracting people to join, and in that sense are still essentially attractional.

Where the model differs from others is in how the community is built: rather than building superior programming that presents a slick and impressive organization with low costs of buy-in, the organization must embody the ideals of the community they are trying to reach, and because one of the values of the postmodern culture is authenticity, the leaders must embody these ideals in themselves and their own lives. But that authenticity is ATTRACTIVE to the culture being reached.