Dream Year

by kjbake01

As many of you have seen on via my Twitter stream, I’m happy to announce that I’ve been accepted into the 2nd ever class of Dream Year (dreamyear.net) dream year itself is a brainchild of Ben Arment

Dream Year is a few things: primarily it’s a 12 month coaching relationship with Ben.  It’s also a way add some discipline and discernment to my entrepreneurial habit.  To confuse the matter even more, it’s also a physical conference taking place in Nashville in a few weeks.  I will be going to the conference as well. If you’re also going you should @reply me on Twitter and we can connect.

What’s my dream? To build an experience design agency focused on the needs of churches of 5-600. We’ll provide custom content creation and curation.  My passion is to see every body of christ create their own cultural artifacts.  To that end I hope to help end the cycle of copycat churches by educating the audience and the leadership and  providing the talent and expertise to turn ideas into reality.