Dream Year thoughts

by kjbake01

1) I’m living life about 10 years ahead of myself.  The people I wish were my peers, the gigs I think I should be getting, the people who’s success and exposure frustrate me are all at least seven years older than I am. Most of them are ten years older.  That’s ten more years of real day jobs, and real connections, and friends, and experiences.  Culturally, most of these folks were also some of the first bloggers in the world (when they were one in a thousand, rather than one in a million). It’s humbling to realize they were blogging daily while I was in 9th grade.   So yeah, they have an audience of 2,000 fans. 

2) There isn’t a ladder to where I’m headed.  I’m building it.  What COO got up this morning and said..” Today I need to find a composer who can sell posters, design sets and publish theological essays while administrating arts projects…”  (if you do know one, have them email me!)

3) I need better communication mechanisms.  People are often confused by how I communicate.  Not what I communicate, but HOW.  I need to put bigger handles (and paint them orange) on my ideas.  Ideas like “this should be a phone call” and an increased emphasis (in my mind) of asking concrete questions. I also now understand why they invented conference calls. 

4) To change gigs, I need a new kingdom.  The one I come from doesn’t have the position I want. Rather than spend a lifetime trying to convince them they need a “me” and should pay for it; I need to hit the road and find the people who need my skills and ideas.  That’s starting to happen, and in a kingdom I’d never thought of: the visual arts. 

5) More shots on goal.  Like most amateur artists, I get excited by every new possible project and depressed when one doesn’t work out, convinced I scared them off by something I said on my blog.  The reality is more likely that they lost their funding, or their boss said no.  The solution isn’t necessarily for me to become a better shot.  I mean, there are goalies in the world, and sometimes they stop pucks. What’s really needed is more shots.  More potential projects= more completed projects= more paid projects.  I used to think that it was a 1:1 ratio. (as if I had 100% accuracy!) But it’s probably more like 3:2:1.