Excellence to the point of Profanity:

Dave Matthews Band – Tripping Billies – Live At Wrigley Field

I get it. Dave Matthews is either a genius, or a sly pseudo-artist con-man.  That’s fine, believe what you want.  In working with Daniel, I’m rediscovering Dave on Spotify, and between that and Wikipedia I’m finding a new appreciation for what this group has accomplished.  I get that they really have only one song (and Tripping Billies is it) but this song is a force of nature.  The cross rhythms, the integration of the parts.. its just this side of chaos and UNBELIEVABLY electric..

Oh yea… and it was on their first EP.  No wonder they got signed.

DIY Artists take note… keep pressing your coal until you have a diamond.  You need a piece that defines a sound.. that stakes a claim… that demands respect and attention.   Excellence to the point of profanity.