and a sly smile crosses his face…

by kjbake01

I’ve learned recently that I have to pursue what terrifies me.  It’s kind of exhilarating.   All of a sudden I realize that this project, if successful, would redefine my identity.  It would actually “move the ball” so to speak.

Here’s what’s terrifying me this week:

This May I’ll be teaching a 5 week course in “Artrepreneurship” at The Brick Factory in Nashville.   The classes will cover practical things like Trademarking names, copyrighting works, best practices for email negotiations;social media strategies for careers, etsy, kickstarter,  pitch decks etc.  We’ll  be using “Making Ideas Happen” as a textbook, and be bringing in some guest speakers to cover pitch decks and intellectual property law.

If you’re an artsy person who’d love to leave your day job, we’d love to have you!

Until we get the course setup online, just email me kyle {at} if you’d be interested in the course.

The class will meet on Sunday nights in May at 6pm and costs $99 + the book.