The Southeastern College Art Conference

by kjbake01

So, amongst the many tasks and projects in my life, i was recently invited to submit an abstract to the Southeastern College Art Conference by Adrienne Outlaw.

This fall in Durhan, NC. for a panel called: Let’s Talk: Creating Community for a Sustainable Life in the Arts
The 3Cs (communication, collaboration, creativity) are essential 21st C skills for a sustainable life in the arts. This session seeks projects that create connections, expand outreach, and foster community through DIY initiatives, social networking, blogging – self-publishing, and/or socially engaged practices.
Not sure if I’ll get selected, but I was honored to be asked: here’s what I submitted as my Abstract:

One thousand true fans. Has the internet replaced patronage? One thousand true fans is offered as the minimum requirement for a viable career as an independent artist in our interconnected digital world. Are one thousand true fans enough?

To what degree can we replace real-world interactions with digital communication? Should we all just use Kickstarter and etsy? What value does professional training have when the cries (and wallets) of the masses are only a click away? And what’s the priority– “likes,” sales or conversation?

My own artistic CV would look vastly different if it were not for the internet: an international festival of avant garde digital arts made possible by newsgroups, message boards, YouSendit, Paypal, Kickstarter, and email. Sponsorships and even full collaborative artistic creations have been developed entirely in the digital ether.

This is the new normal: made ever more possible by new platforms like Twitter, Pinterest & Tumblr. These shareable sites accelerate the speed of ideas and increase the impact of innovative work. Our hyper-connected world allows independent artists to thrive on their own terms, build relationships with fans and collaborators no matter what continent they’re on, and be heard by tastemakers and thoughtleaders.