Poster Series: Make a Decision

I think I’ve decided to have my blog series be monthly (like a church series!).  This month, it will be a bit self-promotional…

I’m a fan, curator, and promoter of Beautiful Ideas. I’ve begun to encapsulate many of them in posters that I envision hanging in the offices and “war rooms” of the people and organizations that share my convictions.

Why Make A Decision? Because we work so hard not to. A meeting without a decision is a waste of time.  If the point is to meet to “decide x” then by golly, DECIDE Something!  You work alone?  You aren’t exempt.  Right now I’ve got very sketchy details about an event coming up this October. Any number of things will change by then, and I’m considering changing the format of the project.  I can stall the planning like I have been since March, but what’s the actual antidote? : MAKE A DECISION. Either change the format or don’t.  Pick a date and time. Start making phone calls.

Many times I pretend to “get more information” or do a “feasibility study” :  “Hi last years sponsor, what do think about…” but honestly, most of that is a stall tactic because I don’t want to choose between my two visions for the project. I’m AFRAID I’ll throw the baby out with the bathwater.  I’m sure I’m the only one reading this who acts this way….




Sweeten the deal: The poster itself is available for $10 + shipping via Etsy.  However, If you subscribe via email in the next 7 days, I’ll email you the pdf for free.