Changing Teams

I keep wandering forward in my career/life, and now having seen and experienced more, I’ve officially changed my mind on the following:

I used to think that Rock Show Megachurches would change the world.  But they don’t if people aren’t led to become mature disciples. If that doesn’t happen, they leave for the next church in 2 years.

I used to think it was normal for churches to take out mortgages for new buildings, and then use the resulting growth in income to fuel staff and programs.  Now I think my vote would be towards a massive downpayment (or total payment) and using the resulting growth in income to pay the rest off. Dave Ramsey is right about getting a mortgage that’s no more than a 1/4th of your take home pay.  Debt shackles people, and debt shackles churches, too.

I’m also pretty sure now that I’m a bigger fan of “Church in the Making” church planting than the entrepreneurial kind.  My favorite churches (shameful, I know) grew accidentally out of home bible studies. The resulting congregations are wonderfully indigenous,  comfortable in their own skin and have a rich sense of community –  that’s a great place to be.