Everytime I Think I’m Hip…and “in the know”

I’m reminded that the levels of hipness are infinite. (AND I missed/didnt-know-about-it-till-it-was-over the mumford & sons house show!)

How can I call myself a fan of immersive storytelling and NOT know about this:

There is a really good video on the bbc page:


If anyone has the chops to let me enbed that bbc video clip, please message me

So a group of people I’ve never heard of called Punchdrunk took the story of Macbeth and crossed it with Hitchcock’s Vertigo.  But you don’t watch  the play, you EXPERIENCE it.  Imagine a haunted house with real dancers, a real plot, real death and real props.  You walk around a “hotel” that you can move in: buy a drink at the bar; open the filing cabinet, read personal letters- even take a piece of candy from the jar.  The show is called “SLEEP NO MORE”

I think it’s important that the plot is vaguely familiar- it is Macbethish, or so I’m told. Most genre-bending projects start with known stories.

This for me, sets a new standard for experience design.  I imagine Ben Arment would agree.

WOW.  I wish I had plans to be in NYC sometime soon.

If there’s any justice in the world, I’ll get to know these Punchdrunk guys…

More pics: