Thoughts from Story III #Story

– I need to stop seeing creative endevors as Zero Sum. It’s hard, because I’m competitive, but also because at a heart level, I really think (selfishly egotistical) I could have similar success if I entered their field, and the mistaken belief that with enough training, rehearsal, and money I could be Them. But that runs Contrary to good creation theology. God created me different On Purpose. My gifts are different. God bless my counterparts at the church down the street or the other company in my market. Different people with different stories, doing their best to live out the calling God has placed on their lives. If I’m going to make the switch and cross the bridge from artist to Pastor, I have to stop seeing their success as My failures.

– elements Chicago ( is a modern (or rather, postmodern) salon. Every city needs this, and those of us with foresight, insight, and connections with thoughtful people who know Christ need to host these. No kidding.

– what does it look like if evangelism becomes a call to a journey rather than a call to join an organization? That’s a call that can be made passively at salons by those of us who know The Way.