to no one in particular

This is not how I want to live.

I am grateful for the income, but frustrated that I am selling time for money.

I am kind of proud to be here an not despairing or feeling stuck– but my capital A artist side is more than willing to take a chance on building value in my own work. I know I can make that money by working more for the man. could I make that by making work that sells? how many commissions would it take? what about an NFT? Or a piece gets programmed by an all-region group. What would that take?

If I spent the remainder of the year on that project, will I look up on Dec 31st and wish I had worked more intensely for my day job?

There’s a whole story here I’d like to share with you — but probably in pieces. Briefly– I’ve come to recognize that my music work is no longer sub-par. It might be under-exposed, or under-marketed, but Every piece I’ve put out in the last few years has generated streaming royalties.. in a world where 90% of work doesn’t generate a penny. So, statistically, I’m already an A- composer!

People I don’t know and will never meet have paid money for work I made. I’d like to do more of that.